mi nombre es mel.... emmm solo dire que amo la musica <3 mi banda favorita es Pearl jam <3 me gusta escuchar su buen grunch!! asajks (Grunge) me gusta irme en la vola con "TOOL" y me gusta ver "Un show mas" 3:,... tambien dire que me encanta ver anime y leer mangas pero nunca he hecho un cospley y y tampoco lo hare .__. bueno soy una rara mezcla de una tipa que ama la musica de los 80's 90's y una casi otaku xDDD




-Separemosnos si quieres, pero el lado oscuro de la luna se va conmigo-


i’m procrastinating because i’m stressed and i’m stressed because i’m procrastinating



Los perritos son compañeros, amigos y hermanos.

[summary] Ao Haru Ride: On the Way to the Leaders Camp



(I scanned the booklet cover but didn’t edit the staples out. Sorry about that!)

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the limited edition drama CD that came out with volume 10 of Ao Haru Ride lately and I know some of you guys are antsy about what happens, so I wrote a summary.

I’m done with the translation (sans the cast interviews), and I’m hoping to get the translation online in a month or less, depending on whether it gets sold out first or whether I finish coding some of my other projects, whichever comes first. It won’t be long though, because it’s already sold out on Amazon.co.jp.

CDJapan still has 24 copies available (as of this post) if you’re interested. Buying it is not only a great way to support Io Sakisaka and the other staff who worked on the drama CD, but it comes with a gorgeous slipcover case featuring the cover for volume 10 of Ao Haru Ride and a booklet about the story in the drama CD featuring a bonus comic.

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